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Generations Fund Visiting Zeepson

    On September 21st, 2018, the board members and the senior advisors of Generations Fund, a multinational fund, visited Zeepson. Generations Fund was established in 2018 specifically for the investment in the energy and technology projects in the countries along the Belt and Road. The visit centered around the theme of Belt and Road development, and aimed at promoting friendly coordination and growth among countries.


    During the visit, Generations Fund was highly impressed by Zeepson’s application of Internet of Things and Blockchain technology in the security sector, and thoroughly discussed the function and the application of HISS smart security cloud. The members of Generations Fund experienced the series products and core parts of HISS security solution and understood the deployment of self-labeled IOT safety modules in the security devices, as well as the HISS unmanned control solution (including the application in the real-life scenarios such as unmanned shops, unmanned sharing offices, safety community and sharing guesthouses).


    After the friendly communication, both Generations Fund and Zeepson recognized the importance of security innovation for the IOT development. As the trend of economic globalization is irreversible, the technological innovation of IOT will become a big part of global trade. Generations Fund will join hands with Zeepson to further promote the technical R&D capacity of IOT security solutions and make its contribution to the grand cause of Belt and Road Initiative.


    The board members and the senior advisors of Generations Fund visiting Zeepson included many world-renowned politicians, businessmen and personalities:

Chair of the Board: Irina Bokova

Founder of the Fund: Tom Wang

And: Chen Rongguang

Alexei Chekunkov

Louis Schweitzer

Nicholas Whitlam 

Dominique de Villepin

Marek Dochnal

Yan Hong

Li Muze

Zheng Zhong

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