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Launching Ceremony of Generations Fund

      Generations Fund was officially launched in Beijing with Irina Bokova being the Chair of the Board




Sep.17th (Beijing), the launching ceremony of the international private equity fund, Generations Fund, was held in Beijing. Madam Irina Bokova, former Director-General of UNESCO, was named the Chair of the Board and delivered her remark in the ceremony. The board members and the senior advisors of the Fund attending the ceremony included many world-renowned politicians and businessmen, such as Dominique de Villepin, former Prime Minister of France; Alexei Chekunkov, CEO of the Far East and Baikal Regional Development Fund; Shiv Khemka, Vice Chairman of SUN Group, economic advisor to Indian Prime Minister and the Representative of India in Shanghai Cooperation Organization;Louis Schweitzer, former Chairman and CEO of Renault; Wei Shaojun, founder of Longjitaihe Group.



President Xi proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, calling for the integration between China’s Dream and World’s Dream. He encourages the exploration of innovative cooperation models with relevant countries and regional organizations in order to establish the longest economic corridor that enjoys the greatest potential in the world. Generations Fund was born to respond to the call of the Belt and Road endeavor, and follow the core principles of building a community of shared interests, shared destiny and shared responsibility featuring political mutual trust, economic inter-dependence and cultural integration.

Generations Fund, an international private equity fund registered in Luxemburg, was initiated by the overseas Chinese in the beginning of 2018, and was co-founded by investors at home and abroad. The investors of the Fund include the sovereignty funds and private equity funds in Russia, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, India, Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc. The partners of the Fund include companies and institutions such as China Gold Group, the Bank of East Asia, Shangri-la Group and China World Trade Center.

Mr. Tom Wang, the Director of the Managing Committee and the President of China Investment Business of Generations Fund, pointed out that the Fund would focus on translating economic complementarity into growth drivers. Its overseas investment will be mainly made in the countries and regions along the Belt and Road, with the aim of deepening the economic partnership among those countries and striving for building a community of shared interests, shared destiny and shared responsibility. The domestic investment will center around Beijing and Jing-Jin-Ji region with the core of Xiongan New Area. The Fund is committed to following the Belt and Road Initiative, contributing to the development of Beijing and the building of Xiongan New Area which is a one-thousand-year project with high international standard.

Generations Fund places its focus on smart city, smart energy, smart food and smart service, with strong emphasis on environmental protection, social stability and corporate social responsibility.

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